Jesse D. Pennington

About Me:

I am an entrepreneur with a proven track record in web development, management, and inbound marketing. I’m addicted to learning. I find that most of my success comes from the simple principal that you should never stop.

Marketing Experience:

As a developer, I don’t just build websites, but the marketing technology that brings it all to life. I’ve watched conversion rates, consulted on strategy, built and reviewed A/B Tested Landing Pages, built Call’s-To-Action, written blogs, imported and managed contact lists, and more importantly, experienced what works and what does not work.

Developer Experience:

Coming up in the marketing industry as a front-end developer, I have quickly grown into a senior roles and recently started my own company, Begin Bound, helping clients build more contextual websites that incorporate basic Inbound Marketing philosophy and do more to generate leads than be static brochure sites. Since 2008 I’ve built several websites on platforms like WordPress and Hubspot.


Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Master of Science
Mass Communications

Greenville College
Bachelor of Science
Digital Media

frontEndSkills (Coding, Design) { $ }


  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 45%
  • UX (User Experience) 75%
  • Slicing Websites for Integration 99%


  • HTML 99%
  • CSS3 95%
  • SASS 45%
  • Email Marketing 85%


  • Javascript 55%
  • jQuery 60%
  • PHP 50%
  • APEX ( 40%

Recent Projects

Recent & Notable Work

Here are some recent and notable examples of websites I’ve recently built. In addition to building these sites, many of these clients also required marketing technology integrated like Smart Forms, Calls-To-Action, URL Tracking, Lead Scoring, UX Awareness, etc. All my websites are built to be responsive.

Marketing Skills


My Favorite Platforms:

  • Hubspot 99%
  • Marketo 50%
  • Wordpress 85%
  • 60%
  • Adobe Business Catalyst 75%


More Than A Developer

In addition to design and development, I’ve been applying those skills in marketing for several years now. Most of the sites I build require UX considerations for not just usability, but workflows, messaging, smart content, and lead generation. From knowing my MQL’s vs SQL’s and how it impacts your Sales Funnel, I’ve seen plenty of examples of what works… and what does not. Landing pages, calls-to-action, smart forms, confirmation pages, lead segmentation – you name it, and I’ve got experience working with it in practical applications for real businesses seeking results.


Inbound Marketing

Speaking of marketing in particular, one area I specialize in is Inbound Marketing. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone outside of Cambridge, MA that has been working as closely as I have with Hubspot software, including access to 40+ portals, three current certifications, and extensive responsive website redesigns on both the old Hubspot CMS, as well as the new COS, over the last few years.

If you’re in need of help getting started with Inbound Marketing, my company Begin Bound can help!

You can request a consultation here.

Hubspot COS Designer Certified - Jesse D. Pennington
Inbound Marketing Certified - Jesse D. Pennington
Hubspot Certified - Jesse D. Pennington



Here are some recommendations & testimonials from professional colleagues, superiors, etc, that I have worked with.

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logoStephanie Kapera

Strategic Accounts Manager

I’ve worked closely with Jesse on several projects and am so glad to have him as a colleague. He’s an extremely talented, dedicated developer who consistently exceeds everyone’s expectations. I have asked him to help me out several times on client calls and he always blows people away with how much he knows. To say that Jesse is a great developer, though, doesn’t tell the whole story–he’s also a HubSpot expert and knows more about inbound marketing than most people I know. I feel very lucky to work with him everyday; his websites are true lead- and revenue-generating engines that get real results for our clients.


Chad Pollitt

logoVP, Marketing

Jesse is at the top of the web development game. He writes clean code and does so with efficiency and poise. Every time I thought a problem couldn’t be solved he found a way to program through it. A consummate professional, if he’s working on your project you’re in good hands. Work with him every chance you get and you won’t be sorry.


logoMaddie Webber

Xyleme LCMS Administrator at HighPoint Global, LLC

quote icon Jesse is an advocate for simple, useful, thought-out website design and integration. I worked collaboratively with him on many projects for various lines of business through out our years at Kuno Creative. Jesse excelled in a industry that requires you to adapt and stay on your toes, because the next (big/new/awesome) thing is right around the corner. He works fast and gets projects done. I’d be happy to work with him again


logologoHassan Khan

Functional Consultant

I wouldn’t just call Jesse a developer because that will do injustice to his skills. Even though he is one of the best devs I have worked with at Fujifilm Australia, Jesse is an all rounder who can conceptualize, develop, troubleshoot and deliver a working solution. No challenge is too big or too small for Jesse and working with him is an absolute pleasure. I have seen Jesse take on really tough development challenges on different platforms especially in Salesforce and Hubspot and he has always managed to come out on top of everything. Jesse is a talent anyone would want to have in their company.


Patrick McCaffrey

Integrated Marketing Technologist

Jesse is the front-end developer that all companies are looking for but rarely find. His continuing desire to learn more web developing languages, master more systems and grow as a professional is deep-seated and consistent. It is a joy to work with him.


logoChantal Chandler

Marketing & Admissions

Jesse and I studied together at SIUE. As we worked our way through graduate degrees, I was always grateful for his wit, his intellect, and his patience. As an older student, I truly appreciated the time he would take to explain new technologies and their uses to me. While we were at SIUE, Jesse also gave our department’s website an overdue and thoughtful overhaul, something many students have appreciated since. I can confidently recommend Jesse as a creative thinker, a diligent worker, and an all-around good guy to work with.

Let’s Connect!

I’m a pretty social guy…

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Latest Music Projects

I also like to write and record music in my spare time. Check out some of my latest work below. [hmp_player playlist=’Main_Songs’]